Scenography / Space

Corpus Selecti

Space Installation - Group Project, October 2000
1.Award of the "Deutscher Studienpreis" of the Koerber Foundation.

"Heart Space" with Gabriele Vöhringer, Kerstin Weinbrecht, Akiro Hellgart, Jendrik Helle

Work Discription:

Disused architecture and human organism. Body an brick. Anorganic meets organic. Diverse definitions of the Ego are becoming an "organ-story" through anatomic segmentation of the body. In the centre of the "organ-story" picture-ideas come together that define spacial organs of the body. The exploration of a building resembles an endoscopy. The spectator becomes a witness of a physical inspection in form of an introvert view with the topic of "life".

(After Xavier Zuber, dramatic adviser)