Scenography / Space


Object, June 2004

Disarrangement of spatial limitation with the chance of interpreting the space definition in a new way based on the process of perception. (after Markus Jatsch)

The idea to deconstruct the threedimensional perception of a real space by grasping back to the method of Dazzle Painting. In former times warships were painted in the method of Dazzle Painting so they couldn´t be seen by the submarine-enimies under water - nowadays it would be good not to be able to see some kind of buildings surrounding us.

Norman Wilkinson Painter,  Warship, Dazzle Painting

Dazzle Painting  

Fighter Jet  

Georges Braque  

Graphic for Object  

Object "Mimikry"  

Mimikry Space  Installation

Mimikry Space  Installation