Scenography / Space

Wir drehen die Erde / We rotate the earth

Installation / Hotel Eden, Karlsruhe / 2. - 5.11.2007

Denn die Fiktionen des Theaters sind von jeher auch Spiegelbilder einer gesellschaftlichen Realität gewesen. (Zit. aus „Kulturen im Dialog, 2003/04“)

Work Description:

In the year 2006 I travelled through six cities in Russia with my view addressed to the tension between the inside of the human beeing, his thoughts, intentions and opinions, and the outside, in which the people are living in. Basically I talked to people from the theatre scene since they are working for the so called outside, for society.

With the material I captured I developed an installation with 360 degree videofilms of city views projected on windows and interviews shown on television monitors. It took place in a hotel in Karlsruhe. Each city became an own hotel room, so the visitor could join my journey while sitting on a hotel room bed.


Hotel View

Interview Oleg Jagadin

Filmstill Kolyada Theatre

Filmstill Ekaterinburg

Filmstill Ekaterinburg

Hotel Room Ekaterinburg

Hotel Room Ekaterinburg

Interview Oksana Mysina


Filmstill Moscow theatre.doc

Filmstill Moscow

Hotel Room Moscow

Hotel Door Novgorod

Interview Andrey Danilov

Filmstill Mali Theatre Novgorod

Filmstill  Novgorod

Hotel Room Ekaterinburg

Hotel Room Ekaterinburg

Hotel Room Ekaterinburg